Thursday, December 3, 2009

Your Voice Is The Loudest Thing In My Head.

I don't know why but my fingers are itching to blog, so I guess that explains why I'm here. :)

Since there's nothing much to blog about my day today, I'll be blogging about my days when I was back in Johor. The last time I went there was during the Chinese New Year which was about 10 months ago? Honestly, I'm missing it a lot right now, especially the less city atmosphere. I miss the swing in my grandparents' house! =X That swing right there really brought all my childhood memories back because I used to spend my whole day on that swing by just sitting down, talking and playing with myself. Okay, I better stop talking about the swing or I'll start being dreamy once again. :P

Soooo, what have I done there? Actually, nothing much lah. Basically, chit chatted with my family members, played with my little sisters and cousins, did silly, 'kampung', childish stuff, did my facial and ate damn a lot! From otak-otak to ice kacang to everything la! :P

Well, now it's time for the pictures to do the talking. I hope you enjoy them and I wanna give some credits to my little sister, Jamie for taking most of them. ;)
The Bob Bob.

Syok sendiri.

Blur. =X

All time favourite. ;)
Cousin, uncle and sister.
Sister, mum and ME! :D
Grandma! :)
The naughty one.
Bye bye! :D

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