Friday, December 4, 2009

Changing For The Best?

My blog is officially back to PUBLIC!
wooohooo! Three cheers for ME! :D
Well, there's not much changes actually. Just edited the background colour, changed my URL, music, title and pictures. I've decided to go GREY for now. Do you like it? :) Leave a comment about it if you want to, alright? As for my header, I know it's still the same old boring one, but I'll try my best to change it if I find a suitable one. Wait up for it ya, but it might take some time la. Probably end of the year? See how first lah! :P Hopefully all these changes will give me back my blogging spirit/mood/skills. And, the below posts are the ones that you have missed. I hope you enjoy reading them. Bye! ;)


BabyMocha said...

Nice one!

Nanged! Pass by from Innit! Have a really nice day!

Joey said...

Thank you! :)