Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Little Things You Do To Me Are Taking Me Over.

I'm here again! Surprisingly. :P

Today, I watched One Tree Hill season 6 in the morning. I'm just done with disc 1. Still got 5 more to go. =/ Anyways, One Tree Hill is getting better and better, especially with Jackson Brundage in it. He's just so adorable lah! HEEE! :DD
Jackson Brundage. Isn't he adorable? :D

Okay okay, enough of One Tree Hill. So, after lunch, my little sisters and I decided to clean up our bookshelves and rooms. We sort of planned to do this a long time ago, but it was always delayed every single time we want to do it. As for today, I guess we suddenly had the "semangat" and we felt "rajin", so today was the day. LOL. Honestly, it was fun, but tiring. I somehow felt much cleaner after wiping, dusting and sweeping. ;) It took us about 3 hours to finish since we were laughing and crapping all the way. :P Oh oh oh, while I was cleaning, I found some random stuff like;
Fortune cookies? :)
I miss Aussie! :'(
I used to wear this when I was young and pretend I have hippo powers? =X
Once upon a time in Lala Land. Sorry for the blurness. =X

Random. HAHA!

Happy Hefalump! :D
My fat, annoying boy! :)
This really made my day. HEE!

And, this is the result of crapyness and retardness:

My kakak being random. o.O

Picture of the day! ;)
Part of the books/papers that we recycled. =X
Goodbye! <3

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