Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Were The One Who Have Always Been There For Me.

The year is finally coming to an end. Goodbye 2009 and hello 2010. As I'm sitting down here, on my big, black boss chair, I've been reminiscing about my past. About the things I've done, the ups and downs I've been through and the things/people I've spend my time with. Honestly, just thinking about it makes me wanna tear. It's a mixture of joy and regret. I've been through a lot of happy, crazy moments, but at the same time, I've also been through loads of shits. Oh well, life can be a bitch sometimes, so that explains it. I can't exactly say I've regret that shit happened because those shits were the one that made me strong, that back me up and make me think of the future instead of the past. Anyways, I'll still cherish every single little thing I've been through, especially those happy ones. :)

This year, I've finally became fifteen.
This year, I have a really rough start.
This year, I've got closer with my family members. Especially my little sisters.
This year, I've got closer with loads of my friends.
This year, I've gained more friends.
This year, I've became a much responsible person.
This year, I participated in my school's sport event and got myself 2 silver medals.
This year, I've participated in my school's marching competition.
This year, I participated a treasure hunt competition with Saresh.
This year, I've pay a visit to the orphanage.
This year, I've planned a surprise birthday party for Brenda.
This year, I went for MU training.
This year, I was stressed out.
This year, I went for MTV World Stage
This year, I celebrated Independence Day like crazy.
This year, I've got myself a Boys Like Girls Love Drunk CD from Priya.
This year, I've received the first hand written birthday card by Priya.
This year, I was afraid to open up.
This year, I sat for PMR.
This year, happened. :)
This year, I went for a few amazing school trip.
This year, I've attended the biggest reunion dinner with my friends.
This year, I did a little charity.
This year, I went for AAR concert.
This year, I've improve a little of my cooking skill.
This year, I got myself a gold plague from Kumon.
This year, I scored straight A's for PMR.
This year, I've learn how to swim.
This year, I've gained loads of new experiences.
This year, I'm hoping for a good 2010.

I would like to apologize to those who I have hurt without knowing. I'm really sorry and I hope I'm forgiven? I guess, nobody is perfect? And, a big thank you to those who have always been there for me throughout this whole year. I really appreciate it and I hope I can repay all of you someday. :)

I know this might sound a little too early, but I wanna wish all of you out there a
Hopefully, you'll have a great night and next year will be a GREAT year for all of you.

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kenwooi said...

2009 certainly is a memorable one..
happy new year 2010! =)