Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Put The Past Aside, Enjoy The Present & Think Of Our Future.

Well, the end of the year is around the corner. Honestly, it's really scary to see how time actually pass in a blink of an eye. I bet everybody is busy preparing/have prepared their own New Year's Resolution. Here goes mine:

1. Be a better daughter, big sister, student, friend and ...
2. Be more responsible and independent
3. Appreciate time, life and the present.
4. Believe in ♥ and fate.
5. Achieve good results especially for the end-year exams.
6. Study study study!
7. Be more :) and less :(.
8. Think positively and maturely.
9. Make wiser decisions.
10. Practice healthy eating habits.
11. Exercise, exercise, exercise.
12. Save more, spend less.
13. Be stronger! Physically and especially mentally.
14. Grow horizontally, not v e r t i c a l l y.
15. Socialize.
16. Have fun and make 2010 a BLAST!

16 new year's resolutions for 16 years of living?

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