Saturday, January 2, 2010

You Are My Wonderwall!

How did I celebrate Christmas 09?

Went for a swim at BSD club in the morning.
Had lunch at my ex-Kumon instructor's restaurant at Tropicana City Mall.
Pictures pictures pictures.
Had homemade pizza for dinner.
Played Gin Rummy.
Chit chatted, crapped and laughed with my family members.
Had chocolate fondue for supper. :D

Here goes the pictures:
The ULTIMATE dream.

*look look!* :D
My both all time favourite. :)

The newest babyyy! <3
Blur. =/
Hershey advertisement? =X

This is what happen if you're a banana. :P
Twilight much?
Super bionic eyes! 8D
Uncle and sister.
30 November = Aunty's birthday.
Poser much?

Pizza time! :D


Chocolate fondue time! ;D

From this

to this
and this.
Good night! :)

PS, I'm so sorry if this sounds a little too late. =X

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