Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Your Heart That Matters.

Oh, look who's so rajin blogging today.
ME! :D

I overslept today! Woke up at 11am. :O Anyways, I celebrated my aunty's birthday today though her birthday was actually yesterday. My uncle brought my aunt, my little sisters and I for lunch today. Had Japanese steamboat. First time trying it and it turns out good. You should give it a try since it's a very healthy eating habit, according to my aunt. ;) So after that, we jalan-jalan awhile.

Got home at about 2pm and started finishing my Kumon homework. HEE! Then, I was supposed to take a nap since I was tired and the weather was so "tempting", but surprisingly I couldn't. I guess I'm traumatized after all those bad dreams I recently had? =X

At about 8pm, I had my first Add Maths class with Miss Lee. Add maths is fun for now. Miss Lee is funny and sarcastic, but at the same time scary and strict. :OOO Hopefully I'm able to cope with her. And, I gotta admit that I was a little excited before the class. One of reasons was because I can finally get to meet up with my friends since I don't know when? =X Anyways, the class gave me a good warm up lah. ;)

And and, I can't believe it's December already! 1 month of lazyness just passed like that. Time really do fly! Can you imagine that in about a month time, we are all going back to school with our blue uniform and pinned hair. GAH! Okok, let's just stop thinking about the future and enjoy what we have now lah. That's all for the day. Good night! :)

PS, Happy World AIDS Day?

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