Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing Good Last Forever.

My family decided to have the staying at home thing today, so I didn't actually go anywhere. Stayed home the whole day with my smelly family! Kidding! It was relaxing though since I've muscle cramps due to jogging yesterday. LOL. I'm a loser. :P Well, basically today is TV, books and day dreaming. Watched Heroes and Gossip Girls. CHUCK BASS ♥ ! :) Anyways, I did some exercise with my little sister. SKIPPING! Yes, to get taller even though most people say it doesn't really work, but it's worth the fun. :)

Ignore the sweats and messy hair. =X

Then, I jalan-jalan around the neighbourhood, as usual. Did some crazy, childish stuff with my little sisters along the way. After that, I helped out in the kitchen. Cooking was fun! Played a little too. HAHA! Anyways, dinner was great with my family at home. As least, nobody got stomachache. :P Did some reading and "played" a little of guitar after eating. And here I am, sitting on my very big black chair blogging about crap. HEEE.

Oh oh, I finally know who and how Mike Tyson look like. HAHA! :P
I gotta go. Nights. :D

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