Monday, October 19, 2009

I Won't Forget All The Ones That I Love.

Ahhh. Another day at home with my little sisters. Did normal routines. TV, reading, music, exercising and all. I guess if I don't mention anything, you guys can figure out what I did the whole day. :P Anyways, I watched this show called Sydney White. It's a good movie. At least, something entertaining. :)

"and so they live dorkily ever after"

This was random. Sorry for the blurness. =X
So, I went mamak-ing with Priya just now. Did A LOT of talking. From here to there to everywhere. LOL. I had a great time with her. :DD Btw, I got my first Deepavali purplepau from her daddy. HEE!
Oh, there's school tomorrow and I'm feeling really lazy right now. I guess I'm running out of topic, so GOOD NIGHT! Have fun tomorrow if you're going to school? LOL. I'm crapping.

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