Friday, October 16, 2009

Clownier. :P

I finished watching Grey's Anatomy Season 2.
Yes yes, you can called me a slow poke. :P
Anyways, it was so depressing weyyyy! Sort of broke down every episodes. LOL. I was like some cry baby wey. Embarrassing much? Soooo, that's my entertainment for today. Can't wait to start season 3! :D Well, after having my butt sticking on the chair for hours, I decided to play so called badminton with my little sisters and I realized how bad I am in it. Then, we took a walk around my neighbourhood and I started reminiscing my childhood moments. Ahhhhhhh. I miss those days where we all used to have fun and not worrying anything about the past or the future. =X

Meredith: Human beings need a lot of things to feel alive.
George: Family...
Cristina: Love...
Izzie: Sex.
Derek: But we only need one thing...
Burke: To actually be alive.
Cristina: We need a beating heart.
Addison: When our heart is threatened...
Alex: we respond in one of two ways.
George: We either run...
Derek: Or...
Izzie: we attack.
Chief: There's a scientific term for this:
Alex: Fight...
Addison: or flight.
Bailey: It's instinct...
Meredith: We can't control it.
Izzie: Or can we?
Here's something for you since you wanted it so badly. Just so you know, whatever that comes out from my BIG mouth right now is all the truth and I don't hope for anything in return. Well, actually whenever I think of you, the first thing that come across my mind is life. I know this sounds so random or whatever. But the thing is through you, I learn how to appreciate life. Through you, I learn how to stand up and move on with my life. Through you, I finally open my heart to everything and start thinking positive. Through you, I even get to share my happiness and whatever emo shit with someone. Through you, I can share my thoughts or simply just anything with someone. You were the one who have always been there for me and I just don't know how am I gonna repay them. I guess all I could do now is to be in my best for you. Honestly, I never thought any of this would happen cause you were the one who always get on my nerves since day one. :P But, I guess things happen for a reason, right? And I really appreciate what's happening right now. I don't hope for it to last forever or whatever it is since the future is so unpredictable. All I hope is for you to be happy. That's all I ask for. Actually, there's so much for me to say, but I just can't seem to find the right words to put it in. Sorry, but I hope this is enough to explain everything. =/

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