Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm The Last Thing You Want.

Surprisingly school wasn't that bad after all. I guess I made the right decision to go cause I was practically staring at the ceiling, thinking whether I should go or not before I got up from bed. Ended up pulling myself out from the bed. I was sort of late to school today. Well, not exactly late, but it was later than my normal time. School started with a little of boredom until Ruth Teo and I decided to continue painting the school wall which have been delayed since I don't know when. So yeah, we painted the wall and we were given another task which is to paint the wall outside the teacher's toilet. Yes, of all the place it has to be the teacher's toilet. == Anyways, it was fun despite the fact that we were painting outside the toilets. Great company actually. Crapped, laughed and get ourselves with paint everywhere. :P Oh, we messed things up too, but I guess we managed through? LOL.

After painting and everything, Guan Shen and I was supposed to clean the mess we made at the walkway of our school, so we borrowed a mop and this so called broom from the aunty in the canteen. And the worst part was, I had to use my BARE HANDS to squeeze the frigging mop after using it. Gosh, I seriously feel so disgusted. Why? No, it's not because I'm not use to doing this kinda of job. It's cause the mop WAS actually super dirty before I even used it, but I had to clean the dirt as well since I borrowed it, right? Honestly, while I'm typing this, I kinda feel like puking right now. Okay, back to the story. After cleaning it, Guan Shen and I were sort of forced to use dishwasher to wash our hands since that was the only soap available in the canteen. You know, I think the people there were staring at us weirdly, thinking what this two donkeys are doing. Well, AT LEAST I learned to be more "independent"? HAHA! Anyways, I spend my whole day outside the class today which was great. :) Note to self; Guan Shen owe me a drink. :P

When I reached home, as usual, I took my bath and had my lunch. Then, I fell flat on the couch. Dozed off for about 20 minutes. I was seriously exhausted, okay? After that nappy nap, I did my normal routines. Actually, it was TV the whole day. HAHA. :P My aunt and uncle dropped by just now. They just got back from their vacation in Beijing, China which I was supposed to go. =X Anyways, they bought lots and lots of food and a shirt for me. HEE! :) So, that was practically my day and if you read this, I'm sorry for wasting your time. :P

I bought it just now. HAHA!

Before I go, I would like to wish a





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