Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sport's Day '09

This year, Sport's Day...
I practise running like orang gila.
I improved my marching skills.
I had loads and loads of fun and pressure.
I met new friends and bond with those whom I'm not really close with.
I also get to bond with a few morning session teachers who I barely know.
I've got burned into a roasted human.
I got 2 silver medals.
Yellow house got 2nd place.
I met Ellisha and Shermaine since I don't know when.
I was full with semangat.
and banyak banyak lagiii. :DDD

Sport's Day is finally over.
I really had a blast this year.
It was super duper fun, unlike those two years where I have to duty and stressed myself out. To me, this year was totally different. I joined 4 events for the first time in SMKTBM. Turns out to be pressuring but fun at the same time. Won 2 and lost 2, so I guess it's even. Marching was GREAT as well. The hard work and practises really paid off. We did super great on Sport's Day but unfortunately we didn't win this year cause I think the teachers were being fair to the others since the prefects won 3 years straight. Honestly, I don't feel disappointed for not winning cause winning is another thing. Having fun was the first priority. And, I kind of miss marching and running like a mad fella already. Sob. :(

The other one is still with teacher. Prolly it went missing/maybe given to somebody else. :(
Thanks Yvvone! :D


ohh ohh wait one more thing,


Ciao. ;)

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