Thursday, January 1, 2009

You're The Apple Of My Eye.

Just got back from 1u like about 1 hour ago. Was there with my mum and sisters. Bought school stuff. Just another 4 more days, school's gonna start. Gahhhh. I'm so lazy to go lahhh. And I've got no mood to study. Sob sob. Well, I just bought a pair of shoes and socks. I'm reusing my uniform again. Save money. That's one of my New Year's resolutions. :P After buying school stuff, I dropped by at Popular to look at some story books and I've realized that there's so many books that I've not read. Suddenly got semangat to read. But unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to read THAT much anymore cause school's starting. :( Lunched at Sushi Groove. Honestly, I like the service there. Everybody seems so friendly and we could actually just talk and joke with them. Hahahaha. Me and my sisters got free Japanese steam egg. Yummy yummy! After that, we shopped for some Chinese New Year clothes. I was aiming to get myself a dress, but unfortunately I didn't get any. It's either the dress is expensive or the dress doesn't suite me. That's more or less about today.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'll be listing my New Year's resolution today. I'll be listing fifteen of them, since I'm gonna be fifteen years old this year. :P And, most of my resolutions are related to PMR. =X

New Year's Resolution.
1. Straight A's for PMR.
2. Loose weight and grow TALLER.
3. Emo less, laugh more.
4. Save money and spend less. (Recession)
5. Try my best to change every flaws in myself.
6. Less entertainment till PMR is over. (Tv show, computer, books, blogging & outings)
7. Be more rajin and try to study like shit. :P
8. Make new friends and improve socializing skills.
9. Try not to waste time doing silly things.
10. Appreciate life & think positive.
11. Find answers to my questions.
12. Enjoy and party real hard after PMR.
13. Learn to live, love and laugh.
14. Gain more experience.
15. Do something beyond my expectations. :D

Guess what? I have to go to school tomorrow to help out for some Form 1 orientation. Soo, it's consider my so called first day of school. Gotta wake up early which means, sleeping early too. Hopefully it'll be just fine lah. Goodbye.

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