Friday, January 2, 2009

This Is Our Fate, I'm Yours.

Orientation was normal, but tiring. Not much changes though. Just that the school is under some construction. I bet it's gonna be really bising when it get started and I wonder how would we study. Honestly, I'm glad that I get to meet my friends again especially Ruth cause I've not seen her since the last day of school. Not much changes on anybody. Everybody still remain the same with their big, wide smile on their face. It's a good and warm feeling. :) Was practically busy guiding the parents and students the whole day. Not to forget, helping teachers as well. The form 1 were so blur and funny. It reminds me about my orientation day as well. I was so blur and scared that time. Damn funny lahhh. I looked like some ding dong that time and now I'm still one. After that, had my very first prefect meeting after a year that I no longer the one who conduct, but sit down and listen. I feel so different, but it was relaxing and no more stressing out about meetings. :D It's just 3 more days and everything will be starting. I'm looking forward and not looking forward for it at the same time. =/ Oh oh oh, Major Zalifah and Mr Thanga said I grew fatter and chubbier. ajsajodjapp. Ahhhhh. Nevermind nevermind, I should think positive. If I grew fat, it means I'm growing and that I did eat. Ahhhhhh. I can't keep my mind at the positive side. I need to go on a diet ASAP! =/ I gotta go. I'm really tired. Wanna take a nap cause later I gotta go for tuition. Bye.

So far, my favorite flower. :)

"When you love someone say it. Say it loud. Say it right away, or the moment just passes you by and you may never get the chance again."

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