Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Feel Myself Deserving A Little Time Off. :P

nya nya nya! Curi-curi blog. :P Supposedly, I have to find some information about Barack Obama. There, that guy. The first African-American US President. Ring a bell? Good good. :) Gahhh. I'm so lazy to find lahh and I ain't a politic fan, so here I am, curi-curi blogging. :P This week was super tiring as well, but homework are kinda getting lesser compared to last week. Don't know why. Maybe cause the teachers are being angels this week. But that's the reason why I've got some time to blog. If not, I'll be budak baik, doing my homework. :P Lalalalala. I'll talk more about my school life next time lah. Maybe this Saturday/Sunday. Talking about Saturday, I'm having school this Saturday. Sooooo, no shopping for CNY stuff. Sob sob. Hopefully can go after school and also hopefully I wouldn't be tired and sleepy. == Klah klah, I better go get some information about Barack Obama. Off I go. weeeeeeeee. *pooof*

PS. I want We The Kings' album! :(

"It's easy to fall in love, but it's not easy to find someone you love that loves you back."

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