Sunday, January 11, 2009

In This Crazy Life And Through These Crazy Times.

Finally, a proper post. A post where I just can just sit down, relax and spend how long I want to. This is the feeling I miss most since holidays. As ALL of you know, school started on Monday, which means it was the first week. It was super duper tiring and stressing. Can you imagine that? It's just the first week and I'm already complaining non-stop. Some more, there's still projects, tests and banyak banyak lagi. How lahhhh. My time is sooo preoccupied with sooo many stuff weyyy. And even if I have free time, I'll be spending it regaining more energy or maybe give myself some relaxation. Hardly have time to on my computer and relieve my stress/blog. My New Moon is also getting dustier and dustier each and every day. Have not touch it since school started. By the way, most people say we'll have more time if we are in morning session, but I realized it's the opposite. Time just flies by like that. And also, I got banyak banyak homework. At least 3 a day. Gahhhhh. Somebody save meeeee! :( *Smallville theme song. :P*

Okay, let's just minus the remain of my complains. I think it's enough for you to know cause I can keep going on and on and maybe who knows, I'll keep complaining the same thing again and again. Well, school in some way is fun as well. Got to meet my friends. Nice whether. ;) Hardly sweat till recess time though I'm a sweaty person. =X Teachers are better. Of course, not all of them lah. I tend to say "Good Afternoon" whenever teacher passes by. Have to get use with "Good Morning." And I hate the fact that when it is noon, we'll have to swicth our greetings to "Good Afternoon." Banyak mafan lahh. Everytime have to check my watch. :( Ahhhh, I'm starting my complains again. Ohhh ohh, I LOVE SATURDAYS! :P Boleh tidur lewat and bangun lewat! heeee. And I can do whatever I want to without rushing. :DDD

Yesterday, I was forced by my beloved mother to attend some PCC meeting which was held by Kumon. I didn't really had the guts to go cause I'm afraid that I may not mix well there. Ended up, going there. To be honest, it wasn't as bad as I expected. It was a warm welcoming. Introduce myself and bla. While I was introducing, I accidentally said I was fourteen and I'm sitting for PMR this year. I guess, I'm not used being 15. Well, technically I'm still 14, right? :P People there were friendly. There will be loads and loads of activities coming soon. I'm looking forward for it. :DDD

Okay lahhhh, I gotta go already. :P Wanna mandi. Not so sure when will my next post would be. Probably the following Saturday/Sunday. But, I cannot make a promise. =X Bye people! xoxo.

PS. I realized that I'm getting lazier since holidays and I need more sleep! :(

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent. "

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