Saturday, January 17, 2009

And It Seemed Everlasting.

hi! hie! hey! hello! :P I'm should be sleeping now, but suddenly I got the uuuummm to blog. HAHA. Soooo, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I said that teacher was being angels this week. I'm officially taking back my words. :P. It's true they are WERE being angels, but just from Monday till Thursday. Then on Friday and Saturday, which is today. They're no longer angels anymore. Well, they can't possibly be devils cause they are somehow too nice to be one. Maybe a monster sounds better. :D I'm just crapping whatever that comes into my mind, so there's no main point to this post. Read it if you want to or leave this blog if you don't want to. ;) Me no likey forcing people. HEE.

Well, I had my first house practise this week. Mine is on Wednesday. It was so so. Not so great, not so bad. It's fun hanging out with some other people that I don't clique to. I mean, I'm not trying to say its boring hanging out with my besties lahh. It's absolutely fun! You people don't get it wrong, ok? Finally had a proper conversation with Wendy on Friday. After so soooo long. We had so much to talk about that we don't even know where to start. Sooo, we just talk whatever that comes into our mind. :P

Had school today. I was super sleeeeeeeepy. I don't know why. You know, I think half of the students didn't turn up on that day. I guess most of them must be taking their beauty sleep till I don't know when. Practically half asleep in the class and waiting for time to pass ASAP, so that I could get home and sleep, but ended up, taking a 30 minutes nap when I reached homw. :D Well well well, when I was dutying today during recess, I was day dreaming while walking up and down. I was just thinking about my afternoon session life.

To be honest, I miss every single bit of it. The good ones, as well as the bad ones. I miss those so called Form 1 people. They're actually Form 2 now though, but to me, they're still form 1. Don't know why, but I just feel that suite them most. I miss all the teachers. I miss all those familiar faces and hellos whenever I'm walking around the school, though I sort of dislike certain of them cause they don't listen to me. :P Heavy sighhh. Morning session is just so different lahhh. I still can't get use to certain stuff. I just like some part of it. Not all. Then suddenly, there was this cool breeze, rushing through my hair, hitting against my cheeks, waking me up from my fantasy. The bell then rung and there I go, back to reality in just a few seconds. =/

Oh ohhh ohh, you know the TV show I talked about in my previous previous previous post, I've already finished watching it. Yesterday was the last episode. It was a happy ending! Finally, my curiosity was over. I don't know why, but I kept thinking it would be a bad ending. Like the girl die or something. =X It was great lahhh, but still not that satisfying. Worth watching though. ;DDD I'm moving back to Gem Of Life. I've already missed like 4 episodes cause I had to sacrifice it for the other show, my school homework, tuition and loads more.

Just now, at about 2.45pm Kelsey gave me a call and she said she wanted to stop by! HEEE. I was so excited to see her! :D Passed her her birthday present which I've be longing to give since last month, but unfortunately I didn't meet her during the holidays till today. HEEE. I just finished bathing when she came, so my hair was wet and in a very bad condition. I'm sorry, KELSEY! I'm sorry it wasn't a proper welcoming. :(

It's getting pretty late. I gotta go, having tuition tomorrow. Good night. LOVES! :)

"I believe that behind all love is all love itself, pure and soft and intense."

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