Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve.

It's already 31st of December 2008 which means, its New Year's Eve. Can you imagine how fast time can actually goes by? Its just a snap of fingers or a blink of an eye, time just flew away like that. This year, life have been pretty rough for me compared to any other years. In fact, you can actually call it the worst year for me. Loads of stuff had happened. Dramas, rumours, breakups, failure and loads loads more. Things do really change just in a year like people going separate ways, people finding themselves or people succeed/fail. Fuhhh. I don't know why, but I seriously feel so emo right now. Just a few minutes ago, I was lying on my bed thinking about my past. Thinking about what I have done. I realized that I've regret certain things I've done and decisions that I've made. I'm sorry to those who I've hurt. Its okay if you wouldn't able forgive me, but all I want is to let you know that I'm truly sorry. I've also realized that life was so much easier when I'm younger. I remember when I was young, I keep hoping that time will pass by, so that I'll be able to enjoy more of life, but it turns out to be the opposite. Life just get harder and complicated when you're older. I really really hope next year would be a great year for me. Hopefully it'll be better compare to this year. Hopefully everything would be fine. Honestly, I'm afraid. I'm afraid to open myself again. I'm afraid of PMR. I'm afraid of mostly everything.

Anyways, there's also things I'm really happy with and appreciate. Things I've gain. More experience and more mature. I've also made many new friends this year and got closer with some unexpected people. I've enjoyed certain days as well like going crazy with my family and kawans. There's still loads of stuff, but right now I just can't put them in words. Well, I guess life is just full with ups and downs.

I think I better stop emoing. Sooo, how are you guys gonna celebrate you New Year's Eve? I bet most of you would be going out for a big celebration like in 1u/Curve/Sunway Pyramid. As for me, this year I've plan not to go on a big celebration. I'm just gonna celebrate it together with my family members. Though it's not big, I know I'll enjoy it cause it's something special. Will be having home made steamboat later. There will be sparkling juice as well. Heee. I've been also working on my New Year's resolutions. It's actually half done. I'll post it later or tomorrow when I'm done. Well, I hope all of you enjoy tonight. xoxo. ;)

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