Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I'm here to keep you guys update withe everything. Suddenly felt so rajin to blog, so I'll just take this opportunity lah. :P Well, PMR results are out. I heard loads of people got straight A's. I mean people I know. So, congratulations! :D

Here goes my updates when I wasn't around. ;)

24th December.
Left my house early in the morning like about 7am. Had chicken rice ball for branch. Sedap sedap. Then, did my normal daily routines. Buat kumon, watch television and crapped alot with my sisters and cousins. :D Nothing much happen though. Basically just laze around.

Bubur cha cha made by Grandma. :D

25th December.
CHRISTMAS! :DD Didn't had a big celebration this year, but still I got presents. HEEEE. Went out for dinner with my family. Then, makan cheese cake that was made by my aunt. She baked two types. One is with a biscuit base. :D

26th December.

Chopped my panjang hair. It's no longer layered. Chopped it for the sake of school cause the discipline teachers kept on complaining about it. Gahhh. My auntie, uncle and dad came back to hometown which means, the SLR is finally here! Well, it's not for me. It's my uncle's nephew. He just borrowed it to us for the wedding dinner. Did loads and loads of camwhoring. I'll only upload some of it. Not all. Cause some of them is embarrassing and it takes time to upload. Honestly, it's kinda of complicated to use. Wasn't that good in using it, but I've managed to get the hang of it after some time. Still need more practising. :P


27th December.
It's my aunt's wedding dinner. Before dinner, there was some tea ceremony stuff. I was so called the camera woman for the day. It's really pressuring tauu. LOL. Then, headed to the restaurant for the dinner in the evening. There was sooo much food weyyy. Got bloated. After that, I came back to KL together with my uncle and aunt cause my dad decided to stay a day longer for some funeral and there's no more space in the car, so have to balik awal. Reached KL at about 11am, stayed in my aunt's house.

The bride. :)
Them, getting married.

hahahaa. He was about to kiss her.

Si comel. :)

28th December.
Woke up very very late. Had branch. Japanese foooood. Yummy! After that, I did a thousand pieces of puzzle together with my aunt and uncle. Was supposed to go home on that day, but I decided to stay a day longer cause I wanted to complete the puzzle. Was doing it till 6pm. After that, I went to Sunway Pyramid to jalan jalan. And guess what happened? There's this mat salleh girl like about my age, she was playing/squeezing/whatever you call it with her boobs in public. Wtf, right? Then, there were many guys following her around. One of them spoke in mandarin saying that it would be better if she took her shirt off. OMG lahh, so obscene and it happened right in front of my eyes. =X And, I saw Bosco Wong there too. Too bad I wasn't really a fan of him. Why lahh Ron/Raymond/Kevin not there. LOL. After jalan jalan, I went home and continued the puzzle. Got carried away till 3am.

This is Bosco Wong.

29th December.
After taking a shower, I continued the puzzle and managed to complete it at about 2pm. Damn proud weyyyy! :DDD After that, did kumon till dinner time then balik rumah. Chit chatted with my family members till late night. :)

Sooo, that's about it. I hope it wasn't that draggy and loooong. You don't exactly have to read them you know. I'm just posting this for myself. Just a memory to look at as years goes by. Anyways, if you do, did you realize that all I talk most is about food. Imagine how fat am I right now. Who knows, I might not even able to wear my last year uniform already. I really really need to loose weight. Well, tata. (:

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