Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Feel Connected. :D

Sooo, as you all know, today is the Tong Yuen Festival. Don't know what it means? Go try to google search about it cause I myself don't really know the ACTUAL meaning. How embarrassing. All I know is, you gotta make small, colourful balls with flour and boil them together with gula melaka. And its is some family festival, where all your family members get together and do it. Today, I woke up early morning to make Tong Yuen with my mummy and little sisters. It was fun. There were 4 colours, white, pink, yellow and green. We tried mixing the colours, but tak jadi. Wanted to make blue and purple too. Hahahaha. :DD I took a few pictures while I was doing, so here are they. And Happy Tong Yuen Day! LOL. Does it sound too weird? :P

This ain't good you know. =X Next year we're planning to use fruits as the colouring. :)
hahahaha. Damn cute, right?
Done, done and done. Heeee. Colourful right? :)

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