Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Heart Is Wherever You Are.

and I'm having the mood the blog, so here I am.

How did you guys spend your christmas this year? Was it a blast like you went for a party/dinner or was it an emo day for you cause you couldn't get to spend it together with your family and friends? As for me, I spend it in my hometown with my beloved family. For more details, I'll probably update you guys with it some other day cause there's alot for me to blog and I'll try my best to shorten it, so it wouldn't sound that draggy and loooong.

And and and, I heard PMR results is tomorrow, so good luck to all PMR candidates, especially to my 11 years neighbour, Gan Hui Shin. Was chit-chatting with her just now. She seems really nervous. I wonder how will it be next year. Can't believe in just less than one more year I'm gonna sit for PMR. :(

Lately, I've been texting ALOT. Phone bills will surely go up, up and up. Gotta start to control. =X Well, somehow I'm happy too, cause at least there's still a little bonding going on and I think it's good start. Surprisingly, they're some unexpected people. Also, I'm currently working on my New Year's resolution. I'll post it when I'm done. Fuuuh, I'm dead tired and sleepy right now. So, I'll stop here and I'll try to continue tomorrow. Heee. Night night.

Btw, Merry belated Christmas. Hahahaha. Does it sound too wrong? One more thing, happy belated birthday, SHERMAINE! :DDD

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