Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ekam Eveileb; Invisible.

Hmmm, I realized these days I've been blogging a lot about what I've watched/read. Well, maybe cause I've got nothing else to blog and this is the only way for me to keep this blog alive. :P So yeah, today I'll be talking about what I've read last night. I've finished If You Could See Me Now by Cecilia Ahern. Surprisingly, I've got to finish it in tuition though it was sort of noisy that time. Imagine how addicted I am cause I can hardly read when there's a noise. LOL. Honestly, I find this book better than PS I Love You. This is much more touching and the ending really made me teared. It had inspired me and make me realized that miracles do happen. All you gotta do is to believe. :)

"But then I realised that, as every day went by and I thought about her every second and smiled, I knew that meeting her, knowing her and above all loving her, was the biggest silver lining of all. She was better than pizza, better than olives, better than Fridays and better than spinning." -Ivan.

Ohh ohh ohh, one more thing. My grandparents are here already, so my room is occupied tonight which means, I won't be blogging/online for today. ;D

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