Thursday, December 18, 2008

You're Tagged and I'm The Tagger. :D

YAY, A tag! Another post to keep this blog alive. :P

*1. Those who get tagged must answer the question about themselves.

*2. At the end of the post, tag 10 people except the person who tagged you (tagger).
*3. Continue this game by sending to other people. (refer to rule No. 2)

Time: It's 2.08pm right now.
Name: Yep Tee Nee. :DDD
Age/Birthday: 14 Years Old / 29th March. (3 more months babeh.)
School: Maluri.
Elder Sister: I'm the eldest! :D
Younger Sister: Two naughty ones. :P
Elder Brother: If only I had.
Younger Brother: I would want one.
Favourite Liquids [Drinks]: Is ice cream counted as liquid? :P
Favourite Consumables [Food]: There's ALOT! That's why I'm a fatty fatty bom bom.
Favourite Place To Sleep: Obviously my room.
Flying: I believe I can flyyyyyy. *singing* (Still didn't work, so I guess it's a no.)
Swimming/Diving: Yes, I can swim. I learned it when I was in Kuantan. *proud!*
How Much Friends In MSN: 150++ people, but I'm deleting some of them soon.
Couple: Past tense.
Loved Ones: Keluargaku and kawanku. :D
Get Kicked On The Butt?: Yeshhhh! :P
Allergic?: Dust, so I ain't a cleaning person.
Gastric?: Yesh.
Whole Fortune?: Hmm, not yet. :P
Age Of Marriage: Late twenties.
Children Wanted: A pair of twin. A boy and a girl. ;)
Age Of Death: Let fate decides.
Animals In House: My Jackypoo. :P
Longest Fingernail Ever Kept: When I was small. I was lazy to cut them, so yeah.
Wanted Birthday Present: Ohhh, you wouldn't wanna hear them cause I dream BIG! Anyways, presents don't really matter to me.

Q: In your dream, God tells you you are a billionaire in your dream world and gives you a wish. What would you wish for?
Donate and share them with my love ones. :)

10 people to tag:
1. Shermaine
2. Nabilah
3. Ismah
4. Ellisha
5. Kelsey
6. Vin Yee
7. Leon
8. Wendy
9. Naveena
10. Karina

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