Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yesterday & Today.

SO, yesterday I balik kampung. to tanam jagung. Woke up damn early. Left the house at about 8am. uncle fetched me, my sisters and my mum. It was about a 2 hours drive. Right after we reached there, we went to the photo studio to try out some dress and clothes and bla for our family photo. The dresses there are not that pretty. It was just okay. Some were pretty, but it doesn't look good in certain people. I only tried once and that was the perfect one for me, just need to do a few stitches so I'll be able to fit in it. weeeeee. My mum, aunties and sisters took like about a few hours to try them on. Finally, each of them found the right one for themselves. After that, my grandparents came over to try some clothes for themselves too.

She didn't chose this.

Then, my one whole family sat down there to chit chat, we were cracking loads of jokes and laughed our ass out. One of the promoter actually came to us and said wahh, i bet Chinese New Year your house would be very noisy. Then, we sort of got a little embarassed, but at the end we actually bring her into conversation as well. And guess what? She laughed along. Heee. I just love my family to the every bit of it. :) Especially those happy times we had.

After talking and crapping, we had our lunch nearby. It was really good. Went home, everybody took some rest and at about 6pm we had dinner. After dinner, we celebrate my little sister's birthday. Mummy bought a cake from bread talk, it was exactly like my uncle's one but it was bigger. It taste really yummy. That's the end of yesterday.

As for today, I woke up at about 10am. Ate the left over cake for breakfast. Went home after lunch. Anyways, when we were on our way back, we stopped by at a public toilet, and guess what I saw? A frigging hot yellow Ferrari. It would be hotter if it's red in colour though. It was parking just right, so I got to admire it a little longer. It was sooooo beautiful! :) Anyways, we reached home at about 4pm.

So, I guess that's basically what I did for this 2 days, nothing much though. Some of the pictures will be uploaded later cause the camera is with my auntie and I only be getting it back maybe on Thursday and that also, if I could blog cause my relatives will be coming down on the Thursday and I might be busy. Oh by the way, I've sort of changed my blog layout cause I think my previous one is kinds of old, so what do you think about the new one? Leave some comment on my chatterbox, if you like to. Thanks. Kayyyh, good night. :D

The sooner you let two hearts beat together
The sooner you know this love is forever

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