Friday, November 7, 2008

10am. That's the time I woke up. Did my Kumon homework while watching the television. :P Priya came over today. Hung out with her till about 9pm. It was totally fun. At first, we watched A Walk To Remember together. Surfed the net & music. Started watching 90210, October Road and Summerland with her. They're great tv-shows, but I still prefer shows like OTH & Gossip Girl. We talked ALOT about life, the past and the future. No pictures taken today.

p.s. It's a really sad movie. :(

At about 7pm, headed to MCD. Had a chocolate sundae. Very sedap. :P. And btw, SOMEBODY HAD A CRUSH ON PRIYA. hahahaha. It was sooo funny, you should have seen what happen. LOL. Thanks alot for coming, I really had a good time with you. :D

Since it's already 12am right now, I would love to wish my sister, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

I'll be going back to my hometown tomorrow, so I'm not gonna blog tomorrow, but maybe on Sunday. Bye. :)

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