Monday, November 10, 2008

Kuantan Trip.

Finally, I've decided to blog about my Kuantan trip on this very fine day. The pictures will be doing the talking. They might not be in order. I'm just gonna share those pictures I've taken there. Hope you'll enjoy it? Thanks. :)

On our way.

The hotel.

The room.

The hotel. again

I got a booboo on the first day. :(

& I saw a rainbow there. It was so beatiful and it was a full hemisphere. :D

Makan makan.

The beach. :)

Sunrise. :D

awww. sweet. :)
so called Mount Kinabalu. ==




Before we went home. :(

They're sad.

Pantai Balok. :P

Uncle's hometown. (It was more like a museum =X)

Uncle's family. :)I brought back some shells. :D

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