Monday, November 10, 2008

What I Did Today.

What I did today?
Well, woke up at 10am. Watch Ugly Betty and John Tucker Must Die. John Tucker is really hot, but sadly he is a jerk. Gahhhh. I don't seem to understand why nowadays most hot guys are jerks or bastards. :( No wonder these days wanita mementingkan their kerjaya. According to the Form 2 Geography textbook. LOL, crapping. Skip! Anyways, the girls there are hot too. :P And and, Pen Badgley was in it too. He looks so funny in there. He looks better as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. :)

9/10 :)

After watching, I was planning to watch Bones, but guess what? The DVD wasn't working. I got mad at it and decided to blog about the Kuantan trip. It took me 3 hours to upload all those pictures. Gahhh. Muscle cramp. Then, I did some prefect stuff which took me 2 frigging hours! Muscle cramp again. After the prefect stuff, I watched the Gem Of Life and packed my bag. Have to bring all the textbooks tomorrow. It's so heavyyy. Sob. Gonna get more muscle cramp. :(

Gotta go. Wanna watch Gossip Girl. weeeeeeee. Thanks to the prefect stuff, my plans on watching Gossip Girl was cancelled in the evening, so sekarang mahu tengok! Lalalalala. Loves. :)

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day of school for me. =/

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