Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Today is the worst day of my life,"
said Mr. Ku Zailan.
Why? Keep reading this post and you'll know it soon. :)

Sooo, as I said in my previous post, I went to school in the morning. Left my house at about 10am. Rissara and Brenda were actually there already. A few minutes later, Ruth came. We were suppose to invent our very own robot for our English presentation, so we did it. I did the drawing and coloured a little. I realized that it was only a few centimeter shorter than me. :( Gahhh. Imagine that wey, the robot we invented was actually as tall as me. So embarrassing right? Haih. I wanna grow TALLER la! Anyways, after colouring a little, we had our lunch. I had a bowl of mee. Brought RM4.50. Was suppose to spend Rm2 for my mee and RM2.50 for bubble tea, but ended up I didn't buy the bubble tea, instead a cup of lychee cause I was too full. =X

After drinking, I found out something sad happen to one of my friend. Don't want to mention who or what, but it was sad. So there I go, telling my experience to Ruth, Rissara and Brenda. Something which I didn't dare to talk about for a very long time. Something I didn't told anyone to. Something I was scared about. The memories were bad. It kept playing on my mind. Just that scene. It hurts cause I think I've not been good enough to that person. I wish I could turn back time and change everything. Somehow, I wish I had that Click remote thingy. :( Then, Rissara and Brenda started telling their experiences as well. Everything stopped when the bell rang and we didn't continue our robot presentation.

Had BM for the first period. Nothing happen. Then we went to library. Coloured the robot. Did most of it already. While we were doing, Isaac was sitting there, criticizing about it like hell weyy. And he kept looking at the Star newspaper cause he appeared on it, praising himself and bla. He kept telling everyone around. He even texted me to buy the newspaper just to look at that picture. So bising, right? He also tore that particular page and stapled it being the notice board for the PJ column. Damn perasan la he. Anyways, whatever la.

He did it.

Then, it was Sejarah and Moral. It was just okay. Nothing really happen though. Recess was just fine. After recess, I totally forgot I had Science class, so I went rushing down to the lab. Kinda of miss a little explanation by the teacher. I was blur and everything. And guess what? We did experiment today! weee. It was fun, you know. Ruzain was the only boy cause Johan was absent, so he was the SUPERMAN of the day! :DDD He did all the guy job and bla bla bla. Such a gentlman for the day huh? Then suddenly, teacher was like, "Where is my towel?" And the Havines raised up his hand and said it was with him. It was pink in colour, if I'm not mistaken. Cute eh? And guess what was the worst part? Havines used Mr Ku Zailan's towel to wipe some water on the table which was suppose to be used by Mr Ku Zailan to wipe off his sweat away. So then, he got sort of so called angry, he start pok-peking about our class and Havines's group. Pity them. He was like Group 5 is the worst group! They're getting 0 for PEKA although they did the experiment and it's because of Havines. *In a joking way, of course* Then he started saying, never in my life for these 5 years, any students take my towel and use it to wipe some unnecessary stuff. This is my first time and 2 Amanah is the worst class cause Havines. Today's my worst day of my life! Then everyone started laughing, including himself. Then there was this part where Ruzain our superman was suppose to insert a lighted wooden splinter into the test tube and he didn't manage to put it into the test tube properly. Then teacher was like, macam ini pun tak boleh jolokkan dengan betul, kalau kahwin lagi la susah. Then everyone started laughing again. You get the joke, right? After we did our experiment, me and Shashfiny were playing with the burned wooden splinter like some ding dongs. Managed to curi-curi take it, so I brought it home. I know, silly me. :P
Behold, the magic wooden splinter. *Poof.*It wasn't touching my mouth LA. =/Jobless.Superman wannabe? Too bad it doesn't look like Ruzain. =/

After Science was Sivik. It was just okay. Teacher told some stories. About Tsunami and also other countries like Japan and London. It was kinda of funny cause in tuition yesterday, the Geography teacher was talking something about Tsunami and the english teacher was talking about her experience in London. How coincident was that. During Sivik, I also realized that I've been making a lot of random remarks nowadays. Like for example, when the class is quiet, I'll be saying some stuff out loud like yes and all. I don't know why, but I seriously can't control it. It happens in tuition as well. It's like words keep coming out from my mouth on some random time. Then, everybody will be look at me. Kinda of embarassing. But fyi, I don't do it cause I want attention, okay? It just happen. It wasn't on purpose. Maybe cause when I do that, I'll be busy talking, intead of thinking about unwanted stuff, so I guess it's good in someway though but I think I gotta reduce doing it cause I know it's annoying. =/

Yesterday's moon. :D

Had Kumon just know. It was okay. Did revision. Will be sitting for my Level K test next month. Can't wait. :DD And then, I found this thing in my Kumon bag. It wasn't mine and I guessed someone random put it in. I'm still wondering who though and I'm not being perasan. That person couldn't be putting it in the wrong bag cause my name is on the bag and it's pink in colour, so it is different among the others. Gahhh. Whoever it is, I don't care la. :P

*Oink, oink.*
By the way, I'm listening to Westlife right now, happy Brenda? And there's this song in my mind which I'm freaking desperate to listen. I don't know the title, but I think it was sang by Westlife too. Nevermind, I'll ask Brenda in school tomorrow. Hopefully she knows it. :D Well, I guess that's all la. I wanna go read my story book and tidur. :) Night night. xoxo.

Illa did this. :DLook at the positon of my name. :D *Proud.*

We had joy we had fun we had
Seasons in the sun
But the wine and the songs like the
Seasons have all gone
We had joy we had fun we had
Seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song like
The seasons have all gone

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