Friday, September 19, 2008

Buy Our Robot. :D

It is another random day. Had mixed emotions again. Gahhh. Currently, I'm not happy nor sad. Just blank and empty. == Suddenly all the stuff I wanna blog were all gone. My mind is completely blank. I'll try to rethink back one by one, but I'm sorry if I ever miss anything.

My lunch. :) There's still left over though. Want some? :P

Its a Friday. Wasn't as bad as last week one, but still a little la. Reached school at about 11.00am. Had meetings and coloured the robot we drew yesterday. It was kinda of funny that the whole 2 Amanah were actually in the canteen drawing and colouring their robots together, at the same time. Most of the tables were conquer by our class. Had fun rushing and keeping myself busy. :) Went the school bell rang, which means the morning session had finish their school period, lots of them who passed by, kept looking and wondering what were we doing. Haha.

First period was Computer. Didn't go the lab today. Stayed in class and did some touch up and the last details for the robot presentation. I'm proud that we managed to finish it and it looks beautiful. Thanks to Ruth, Rissara and Brenda. Then, it was English. My heart was beating really fast, excitement was filled. Don't know why, but it just happened. Teacher folded a few pieces of paper which were written with numbers. Somebody have to pick one for each group. I got number 6, so we were the 6th group to present and also the last group for the day. It was fun, looking at those robots which were drew by each group. Each of them is different in their own way. But there was this two group which actually drew almost the same robot, so they were like the robots from another mother but the same father. LOL. Two groups kinda of insulted our robot, but whatever. It was actually fun. We were like criticizing each other robots and fighting which one is better and obviously Group 6 one was the BEST, right people? =X When it was our turn to present, we started crapping as much as we could, saying whatever which passed into our minds. By the way, our robot's superman spender can be used as a bowl to eat cereal, you know. Can save more money, don't need to buy bowls anymore. :P Most people kept questioning about the spring thingy. LOL. I wonder why. I just gotta say that, English was totally fun today, seriously. That's one thing I like most about my class. Most of the people there are like super sporting, crappy and noisy. 2 Amanah rocks! :D

Group Six.Deng deng deng. Our ROBOT! :D Damn hot, right?Ruth did it. Me likey.The spring thingy that people have been talking about.10th June, 29th March, 27 October & 26 OctoberIt's worth it. :DBrilliant, Joyful, Rock & Roll. *crapness.*
My very own human robot. :P

Then, the bell rang. Decided to skip recess. Went crapping with Ruth, Suraj and Shashfiny about the robots. We just can't stop talking about it. I was like, "buy my robot, okay?" to everyone who passed me. Weird, I know. But what to do? I was too hyper and high. Kept laughing non-stop. :P After recess was Maths. It was just like less than 30 minutes then we had to go for KH. Didn't study during KH. Teacher was tired. Just sat down and kept our mouth shut cause the teacher said, if she hears any noise, work will be given. Decided to play scissors, paper, stone with Brenda. Then, we played latalilat. Rissara joined as well. :D Nabillah wrote some names on this piece of paper and my name was in it! :DDD Then, it was BALIK time. I bought Vanilla bubble tea. Damn sedap. Got influenced by Suraj. Bryan Teh accompany me to buy them. He got himself a green apple bubble tea and a watermelon bubble tea for Jun Yip. Felt so satisfied and full after drinking it. I kept telling Saresh that the bubble tea was so damn good and bla bla bla. Haha. Annoying much?

Google searched this.

Oh by the way, I forgot. Something happen before balik time. It started when I was with Ashiqin and Brenda. Then, I wanted to call this Malay boy to come over. So, from far I kept shouting from far. Calling "Firdaus! Firdaus! Firdaus!" Then, I was asking Ashiqin is his name Firdaus or what? Cause he wasn't responding. Then I continued calling. And guess what? Ashiqin was like, he's name is not Firdaus la! It's Ridzuan! Then I started laughing like nobody business till my face were like freaking red. It was so damn freaking embarrassing you know. I'm such a stooooopid person. =X Thank God it only Ashiqin and Brenda was there, but I'm sure that Ashiqin or maybe even Brenda would be spreading it to like EVERYONE, even her mom. Damn laaaa. Now I don't know where to hide my face again. Maybe from Monday onwards, I gotta start wearing black plastic bag with two holes for my eyes over my head la. LOL.

Had tuition. It was Science and Sejarah. Didn't concentrate much during Science class. Was sort of being distracted by a boy name Jimmy Chun who was sitting beside me. Haha. I was crazy and hyper during Sejarah class. Did revision for Form1 topics. Kept shouting some random answers which came into my head. Most of it were wrong cause I totally forgotten about it. Gotta start studying and doing revision already la. Sob. :( Then, camwhored and chit-chatted a little while waiting for Brenda's uncle to come. I gotta go. Wanna sleep. Ciao. ;D

Candid.The girl who has a boyfriend. =/PATRICK PORN STAR! =X

But it's over, it's over.
Why is it over?
We had the chance to make it.
Now it's over,
It's over. It can't be over.
I wish that I could take it back.

I'm falling apart, I'm falling apart.
Don't say this wont last forever.
You're breaking
My heart, you're breaking my heart.
Don't tell that we will never be together.
We could be over
And over, we could be forever.

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