Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just finish watching Moonlight Resonance. Made me so geram. Screw those liars in the show. =X LOL. Sorry for my craziness. Watched TRL today before going to school. Jesse McCartney was on tv. Watch for about 10 minutes only, then have to go get ready for school. School was just okay, AGAIN. Today's timetable is freaking boring, except the part where we had Science went to library. Well, the reason why I like going to the library is because it is quiet and cold, not because I'm into Green Beans. So don't get that wrong, Illa. :P

Finally had Science today. Mr Ku Zailan have been missing in action for these few days. Enjoyed his class. Made me laugh non-stop again. He claims that I was trying to seduce Ruzain and also claims that Suraj was a gay cause he wanted Keegen to be in his group. LOL. So bising la he. =X And out of no where, he started using B.T.W. So random. Me and Nabillah were like, the next time he's gonna be using O.M.G instead of ohmygod since he use that word quite often. There was one part he was like make sure use the pencil. Write with pencil. Don't write with pen, write with pencil. Use the PENCIL. Gahhhh. He got us all annoyed, but then I gotta admit his classes are very fun. :D

I found out something today which is so not good. Haha. I know i know, I'm being exaggerating, but still! Sigh. He was so happy today. SO HAPPY! Kept smiling non-stop. But whyyyyyy! Enough enough, change topic! So, tomorrow is Friday. Honestly, I really hate Fridays, so I do not Thank God when it's a Friday. =X One of the reasons is I have to get ready early for school, since the transport I'm using is fetching me early and it's boring to be in school early. Every Friday I'll be hoping for time to past fast and the next day would be a Saturday! Which is one of my favourite days cause it's a holiday and I get to spend time with my family! weeee.

After school I finally at my Rocky biscuit, since I was very hungry. Had been bringing to school for a few days, but ended up eating some other food or maybe not eating at all. So, hooray? Talking about food, I've been thinking a lot about stuff I have been eating and bla. I realize that I've been taking too much carbohydrates and sugar which is one of the main reasons I'm getting fatter. I realized my tummy have been getting bigger and I so gotta start to control my diet and exercise more often. One more thing is, my family has diabetes history and I heard its a genetic disease which can be passed down to the next generation, so I guess I gotta watch my diet. Obviously I'm not gonna go for a diet cause I LOVE food, so I'm just gonna try my best to take least sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables. ;)


Suppose we were happy,
Suppose it was true.
And suppose there were cold nights,

But we somehow made it through

And suppose that I'm nothing without you.

And my eyes are screaming for the sight of you And tonight
I'm dreaming of all the things that we've been through
And I can't hold on to you.
So I guess I feel lonely, too.

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