Friday, September 12, 2008

The Feeling Is Coming Back.

The feeling of being lonely, ignored and empty is coming back again. I hate it. It seems like yesterday I was so happy and retarded. I don't know what's got into me last night. After blogging, all I did was sit down and day dream. The feeling of being lonely came back and all I want is to be alone. Nobody disturbing, just me and myself.

School was okay, just feeling a little lonely. Didn't talked much cause I didn't want to. I'm sorry if I didn't talk to any of you or I seemed weird today. Wasn't really in the mood. See, I told you Friday is a bad day for me. Sigh. No Science, so there's nothing to cheer me up. Had Computer, English, Maths and Kemahiran Hidup only. During computer lesson, went to the computer lab. It was boring.

English was just normal. Not fun, not boring. Kind of day dream a little. Teacher gave this assignment. Have to invent this robot of our own in a group. Teamed up with Brenda, Ruth and Rissara. My 3 kawans. :) I just google search about the robots. Here are some pictures I have found. Maths was just less than a half an hour, so it was nothing much. Learned a new topic. KH was also boring. Gahh. Everything seems to be so boring today. Have to start doing my kerja kayu already. :(

Recess time was actually the most okay time. Was on duty to ronda block today. It was okayy cause at least I could have a little time being alone. Old memories and flashbacks passed through my mind. Those time when I was a Junior. Honestly, as a Junior I really enjoyed dutying in blocks the most. Those time where I would try my very best to find as much stuff to be confiscated and get more credits for myself. I miss being a Junior, I really do. I miss being under all of my Seniors. I miss all those questioning from the Seniors. I miss those days where I would have less stress and do my very best in my duty. I know I sound silly talking about prefects, but yea that's what I exactly felt when I was ronda-ing the blocks today. I'm currently working on a report for it.

Gotta go, BYE.

Tried to take a picture
Of love
Didn't think I'd miss her
That much
I want to fill this new frame
But it's empty

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