Tuesday, September 2, 2008



I didn't have time to update on Merdeka day, so decided to postponed it. Didn't really celebrate. Just stayed at home with my family. Then, went to my auntie house and had dinner with them. They just got back from Bangkok, Thailand. Thank God their flight wasn't postponed. :) My auntie bought me 2 Little Miss Tees for RM30. Heehee. Talking about Merdeka, my school had a opening and a closing cermony last Friday. LOL. I know it sounds weird having 2 in 1 time, but whatever la. Anyways, my class and 2B did a sketch on that day. Sadly, I didn't join. Maybe cause I'm too shy? Haha. Overall, it was okay. It wasn't that funny, cause it's History. My class did a very good job. They were way way BETTER than 2B. HAHAHAHA. :P After the sketch, it was the singing part. That's where I went crazy like some gorilla. Haha. Was waving my tiny flag here and there, singing and shouting out loud. It was fun and relieve to let out all those stress.

Love will find you.

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