Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Went to Sunway Pyramid with my family today. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SALE! :( Got myself a jeans and a pants. There's sooo many pretty clothes there, but didn't get any. Mummy said enough of clothes already. Sob.

Had this Taiwan Monster Ice thingy. It was okay, but I think it's too sweet. HAHA.
I've been eating MCD's Sundae for 2 days. Yesterday and today. The reason why was because it cost only RM2 from 29th August till 1 September. Yummy yummy. Have not been eating Sundae for a very looong time already. :P

After dinner, I was rushing to finish up my Geography project which I have to pass up tomorrow. It was a very last minute project, but I'm happy that I gotta finish it on time. :DD weee.

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