Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Week.

Last Monday, I found out that one of my classmate, Sangitaa had shifted school. I didn't hear it from her, I found out through my Geography teacher. It was really sad to hear that. Especially for her best friends. I may not be very close to her, but I gotta admit that I'll miss her. I regret for not spending my time with her. :( Now, she's away and will never come back. And I couldn't replace those time anymore. The reason she shifted was really stupid. Well, it's not her fault. She didn't want to. She was forced to. I really pity her, including her best friends. Nobody expected that. After this incident, all I did was sat down thinking about it. Thinking about how lucky I am. I guess I should start mixing around with people and socialize more. I realized I've not been talking alot with my friends, especially those who I'm not close too.

On Tuesday, went to school early for Sivik project. So called cleaned the playground opposite the school. Actually, we collected all the rubbish around and put them in one place. Then, we pretended to pick up the rubbish and took a few pictures with Ruth's camera to show that we actually did it. Haha. The whole thing was actually a lie. I know i know, but at least we still cleaned the place, right? Was suuuper tired on that day. Cause I didn't get enough sleep. Had panda eyes.
Nothing much happen on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Just normal. I kinda think that I'm currently having lack of sleep, but I don't know why every night when I want to sleep, I couldn't. Instead, lots of stuff will be running through my mind. Good and bad ones. Most of them are the bad ones which actually keep me awake all night. And even though I could sleep, I'll be waking up in the middle of the night and it'll be hard for me to sleep back. Is this the symptoms of insomnia? Sigh.

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