Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Tomorrow? Gahh.

Went to the Curve with my family today. Was suppose to get myself the Little Miss Tees, but at the end I did not cause my aunt said she will be going to Bangkok on Tuesday and those tees are made in Thailand, so maybe she could get cheaper there. Instead, I got myself 3 tees for RM50 and 3 The Clique books for RM32. weee. Isales.

Ding dongs.Malaysiaku Gemilang.
Just took my hamster from Priya and she passed me OTH season4! FINALLY! THANKYOUSOMUCH! and thanks for getting me those notes. I owe you again. Damn, I owe you so freaking much! One day, I so gotta bring you out for an expensive lunch/dinner, including Brenda. :) LET'S PLAN! okay? :DDDD
Gahhh. I just remember that there will be stinking school tomorrow. AHHHH. I NEED MORE HOLIDAYS! I need extra, extra, EXTRA! Mr. Time, please past time slowly for me. Just today. Please. I rather stay at home being bored to death than going to school being in all those stupid and sacarstic dramas and problems! Sigh. :( Sorry, I'm just desperate.
And by the way, today's Olympic closing ceremony. Damn fast weyyyy. The next time we're able to watch it is like 4 more years. Which means I'll only be able to see Michael Phelps swimming again when I'm eighteen! That's so unfair! How can it be so loooong? :( Honestly, I really do enjoy watching those Olympic games and I feel so lucky that this year is held in Beijing, so I'll be able to watch it live without sneaking out in the middle of the night.

THAT'S ALL. Gotta finished up my homework and get ready for school tomorrow. Pffft. :(

I want a time machine. I want holidays.
I don't want school.

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