Sunday, August 24, 2008

Balik Kampung.

Well, here's the post of what I did and bla bla bla in my hometown. Stayed there for 3 days 2 nights, as I mentioned in the earlier post. Was suppose to extend the days, but ended up mummy decided to drive back on Saturday afternoon.

On Thursday, woke up early in the morning. Had breakfast and left about 8am. Slept in the car during the whole journey. Yes yes, pig. But I was freaking tired. =/ Reached my hometown at about 10am. Had brunch. Guess what was I had? Chicken rice BALLS. :P yummy yummy. Have not eat them since like 3 months ago. Then, I did Kumon, watch Camp Rock and finished up Gossip Girls. At night, celebrated my little cousin birthday. She's finally 7 years old. She's really growing very fast. In fact, all of us are. Time seriously past very fast. Had dinner outside. My auntie and uncle belanja, since it was her birthday. The food was good. :) After that, cut cake. Guess what cake? Secret Recipe! Sadly, it wasn't a cheese cake cause my grandparents aren't a fan of cheese. Had white chocolate almond. Something like that. It was good too. weee.

When I was small.One BIG, happy family. :DMummy, daddy and Joanne.Me, cousin and Jamie. :)PRESENTS! :DEven the big kid gets a party pack. :)She was happy. And she's still is.Making a wish.Flashlight. She got a Adidas watch.

2nd day which was a Friday. Had Bak Kut Teh for breakfast. Then, went to a saloon to get a haircut. No difference. Just a little shorter. For lunch, I had something small. Did Kumon and homework, watched Olympic and started watching a new TV series, Bones. Scary and nice. :D In the evening, mummy bought ice kacang! weeee. I just had a small bowl since I was having flu. For dinner, my grandma cooked. It was so freaking delicious. I gotta admit that her cooking is the BEST compared to those little and big restaurant out there because hers is full with TLC. :) Spend whole night reading P.S I Love You. I've already finished it. It seriously made me tear like anything.

The next day, I woke up a little late. Grandpa ta pau mee for my breakfast. Also delicious. Gahhh. Food in my hometown are superb! That's one of the main reason we went back though. For food! But obviously visiting my relatives are the very main reason la. Then, for lunch we went to a Chinese restaurant which is a must for us to go when we balik kampung. Its because the food is ahhhhhh SEDAP! :P After lunch, at about 3pm, we left the house and went back to KL. It was so hard to say goodbye. I'm currently missing them really much right now. Sigh. :(

Anyways, when I was on my way home. There's this song called What you got by Colbie O'Donis ft. Akon playing on the radio. My mum increase the volume and I was like, do you like this song? Then she was like, yes and it is sang by Colbie, the hot guy. And I was like who's that? Then she said, I was low (lame) cause I don't know the person. And I was like, did she just said I was low? Gahhh. I can't believe my mum is better than me. LOL. And Avril Lavigne's concert ad keeps playing over again and again on "Hey hey you you, I don't like your girlfriend." It really makes me despearate and pissed. I wanna goooo! Anyone can spare me ticket? Sob.

Mine ain't a newspaper.
Had these for dinner.

Well, that's how I spend my time in my hometown. Seriously, I feel like a FAT pig right now. I've been eating so much back in my hometown. I so gotta exercise and start eating less. And if I stay there, I'll 101% be a pig. :P

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