Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holiday Mood.

haha. It's 1.38am and I'm not asleep. Just finished doing my karangan and some questionnaire for Geography project. Gotta finish this stinking project by next Monday and there's Sivik project as well. Gahh. How am I suppose to finish it in such a short time? :( Suddenly I got semangat to blog. :P Anyways, there's school today. It was just fine, but busy. Briefing, spot check, study, homework and tuition. Sadly, I didn't got the thing I wanted. Oh well, still gotta be patient, right? I'm sure if YOU see this, you're so gonna kill me. :P. Sorry. *innocent face* Well, I gotta go. Need to sleep. Have to wake up early tomorrow to do the project with my kawans. Sob.

Night night. :)

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