Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Melacca! :)

Went to Melacca last Sunday for an anniversary/birthday lunch with my aunty, uncle and Jamie. Yes yes, 2 in 1. It was kinna of cool cause they were actually following the Baby Nonya culture. First time seeing it in my life.

Sister and aunt.Kanak-kanak Ribena. They look so cute together! :D

So we start our day in the morning. Left KL at about 8am. I was actually sick that time, so I slept in the car till we reached Melacca. We reached there kind of early, so before we attend the lunch, we ate a little at Jonker Street and walked ALOT. My aunty and sister were like complaining about how hot the weather is and how far we have to walk the whole time and all my uncle and I did was laughed at them. Haha. It was fun and the food was delicious.

MERDEKA! :DAwww. :PA wannabe Tunku Abdul Razak, but failed.Semangat patriotisme, people. :)The car which honk at my sister. Haha.

At about 2pm, we went to the restaurant. There were so many people in there. People who I don't even know. Talking about their anniversary, that couple have been together for 50 years. 50 years, you know! 1 year less than Merdeka. I seriously salute them, they have been trusting each other for 50 years. I know it's something common, but yeah. It's still 50. HAHA. I'm just being exaggerating. :P Again, the food was delicious. It was freaking much. I could hardly eat after 4 dishes. There were loads of singing and performance.

Left Melacca after the lunch. It ended about 5pm. One of a uncle gave us some Baba Nonya kuih which is so SEDAP! Sadly, it wasn't enough for the whole family. Each of us get to eat a little only. I WANT MORE! LOL. Anyways, at least it's better than nothing. :D

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