Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Just Wanna Love You.

Today was okay. Relaxed the whole day again. Haha. I know i know, I'm a lazy pig. Well, it's holiday people. Obviously we wouldn't be doing anything, but being piggies, right? LOL. Don't mind me. I'm kinna of crazy today.

Anyways, Priya came over today. It's been a very loooong time since anyone came my house. Was glad that she came. Didn't really do much stuff. All we did was talked, watched OTH and jogged. Although it was just something simple, but I had fun. Got to bond with her a little. heeheee. Thanks loads for coming. :D

And and, I made her addicted to OTH! Told you it was good. So now you're not gonna say "not again" when I talk about it. :P Borrowed her my season 1. By the way, I finished watching season 3 already. Now, I'm freaking desperate for season 4. Hopefully my mum will buy it ASAP. Well, that's about it. I gotta go. Might be starting doing my project later. haha. Suddenly I felt so rajin. :P Bye.

Some drawing I made a few weeks ago in school during Seni.

It's you I'm thinking of.

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