Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yes yes, fuuuh. I have not been blogging for such a looooong time. Currently busy AGAIN. With schools, tuition, homework, prefects and projects. I feel so lazyyyyy. (again) I seriously envy those people out there who are like gila rajin. I wonder how they actually do that.

Anyways, let's just talk about what I did today. :D Went early morning to school for Science extra class. MR. KUZAILAN! weee. I was considered early, surprisingly. I thought I was late. I was sort of alone at first. At the end, Ruth and Nabilah turned up, so I wasn't. :) Well, my bottle was sort of the star for the day because it was used for some example/demonstration. Three cheers for it! :DDD After the class, camwhored. It was fun. Honestly, I actually enjoy being in Mr. Ku Zailan's class. It always somehow take my emoness and I'll be laughing non-stop till my tummy ache. Never get bored of his class. Brenda didn't come for the class or my house cause she's going Penang again. Sob. I miss you so much! Have fun there la, okay? :)

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! :)Ashyyy.Shadow of the day.Rissyyy. :PRuthiiie.Illa-Gilaa. Liyana! :D

Mum came a little late, but whatever. Rissara and Ruth came along. Then, dropped us at Max Valu. Got some stuff there and went to Grand Union to get more stuff. Cooked pizza for lunch. Drank Campbell Chicken Soup, made by Ruth. Made root beer as well. I was freaking BLOATED! And it was fun so called cooking with them. :) Rissara claims her pizza looks the nicest, but too bad not the most delicious. HAH! Take that, Rissy. :P After eating and cooking. Did a little of Sivik Project. Just a LITTLE. Ended up chit chatting, surfing the net, camwhoring and crapping. So, we decided to split our work. Rissara went home about 3.30pm and Ruth about 5.30pm.

Pokie-pokie. :)MINE. (Obviously the most cantik one. :P)She's so CUTE! I don't know why, but I like this picture very much. :)

P/s There's still a few more pictures which I have not upload. Waiting for Ruth to blog and Rissara to pass me her pen-drive. :) Bye bye.

We all need that person who can be true to you.

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