Saturday, July 19, 2008


Yes, once again I overslept. Was suppose to wake up at 6.45am. Instead, I woke up at 7.54am and guess what? The class started at 8am. How smart I am. I was rushing like some crazy person and ran when I was on the way to the class. After the extra class, took a few pictures with Ruth since she was so desperate to. :D

RUTHIE! :)Kawan tinggi! :PWannabe emos? :P TRUST.:D
Then, Brenda and Rissara followed me back to my house. The reason Rissara came was because her dad need to service her car, so there's no transport for her till 1pm. For Brenda, I asked her to come along. Last minute, I invited Priya and Chen Shen came along too. It was fun. :) Anyways, when I was on the way back home, I stopped by at MaxValu to get some donuts from BIG APPLE. I ate the same one as last week. I just cant resist it. Too desperate. :P Mummy belanja me, Rissara and Brenda. heehee. It was HEAVEN. :)

Donuts! :DD

Went home, met Priya and Chen Shen outside my house. Me, Rissara and Brenda ate our donuts while Priya and Chen Shen chilled around in my house. After that, we changed and we walked to Secret Recipe.

While walking.Random.Commit suicide?
The reason why we went there was because of the RM10 offer. Had a chicken chop. Honestly, it wasn't as delicious as One Station. It was just okay, not that satisfying. It was also sort of bony. :( After that, we walked around. Me and Rissara bought this kuih and we were SUPPOSE to eat them in my house. But, we were too desperate and it was on my hand. So, I started breaking them into pieces and eat them bit by bit, then Rissara followed and at the end we finish it before we actually started walking home. HAHA. :P
TOM YUM! :DDDDIgnoring me? :PLet's SQUEEZE! :DBlack Pepper Chicken Chop.Ice lemon tea.Rissara asked me to take this. :)

We reached home and chit-chatted. Rissara went home at about 1pm. So, left me, Brenda, Priya and Chen Shen. We were watching videos like nigahiga and some music videos. Sang along like some crazy people. :P Camwhored and videowhored too. :) And I was thinking alot on that time too. So many questions just went into my mind. I do not feel like sharing them now, I would prefer to keep them by myself till I'm ready to let it out.
Random much?
Oh shit! I just realize there's only about 2 more weeks till my test. And I have not even touch any of my books. Gahhh. I'm so freaking lazy and scared! :( This time, the test will be sort of weird. There wouldn't be any timetable. The teacher will just simply choose a day to give us the test according to our school timetable. Weird huh? So I guessed its something like a pop quiz. And it might be sort of unfair too because other class may do later than us and by that time the questions will be leaked out to them or maybe we might do later and the questions might leaked out to my classmates. Gahhh. And I can guarantee that nobody will tell me any of them even though they know whats coming out. SO FREAKING UNFAIR LA! Sigh. Never mind la, as long as I get straight A's then I should be satisfied with them. And, I might not be blogging for quite some time due to my upcoming test. Really gotta start studying as soon as possible! I'm really sorry and I'll try my best to blog. I also realized that I've been going out alot lately especially on the weekends and I guessed from now onwards I may not be able to go out till my test is over. Bye.

26 hours 30 minutes. :DD

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