Sunday, July 20, 2008


hello everybody. :)
Today I went to Pavillion with my family. I was freaking sleepy cause I didn't get much sleep yesterday due to the electric current. So, I woke up at about 9.30am. Get ready and picked my auntie and of we go to Pavillion. It was okay. Didn't get any clothes this time although I saw so many of them. :( Well, actually most of them cost more than rm150 and theres only 10% discount on it. Mummy said it wasn't worth it although its branded cause its just a normal tee, so I didn't get any of them. And there was this cute tank top which cost only rm12, but it was sort of loose on me, so I couldn't get it. Sob sob. Mummy said there's looads of pretty clothes in SunwayPiramid and she said she will be bringing us there next week. weeeeeee. :DD Instead of clothes, I got myself 3 the Cllique: Summer Edition story books for only rm50 in Times. heeehee. Its freaking worth it, but I'm not so sure whether I could actually have the time to read it cause of the stinking test, so I guess i gotta keep them first. Anyways, I ate ALOT today, so no dinner for me. :D I will only be eating BREAD! heeheee. :D Ate chicken curry for lunch and 2 J.Co donuts for tea time.

I ate Heaven Berry and Oreology.
Well, about yesterday, when I was about to sleep at about 1am the freaking electric current got cut and my whole area was block out. Luckily, it was at night, so it wasn't that hot. Then, the electricity got back and my sister was like "AMAN DAN DAMAI" and it went off again. LMAO. At about 2am the electricity went back on and this time was for good. Actually, I didn't realize that the electricity was on cause I was super sleepy till I fall asleep although it was so hot. :P

4 hours 30 minutes and still counting. :D

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