Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, nothing really much happen this week. I managed to finish up a BM essay in 15 minutes. It was sort of a rush cause I was late for class. :P And then, I got a little trophy for my academics, but I wasn't that satisfied with it cause that Mr. Fong Xi Peng guy got 2 trophies and a hamper full with FOOD and that is so unfair! Yes, I am freaking jealous of him. Sigh. I was sort of emoing about it to everyone and everyone was like, there's still next time and bla bla bla. So, I guess I should really try much better next time especially in my end-year exam.

And, the class was given a survey and it was a compulsory for everyone, so I did it. There's this question where they ask whether our school should have lockers. Hopefully they will actually agree on our suggestions and have lockers in our school like how BSD1 does. :)

Oh yea, and Friday was sort of my best day of my life. I just feel so refreshing and problem-free on that day. I laughed so hard on that day and crapped so freaking much with my friends. I gotta admit, I was high on that day. :P On that day, I finally felt the actual high school life and I freaking love it. Hopefully it could be like that for all these years. weeeeee. :)

By the way, I have not mention this yet cause I didn't really had time to actually blog. So, PRIYA GOT HER VERY OWN BLOG! Check it out at my friends list on your right-hand side. :DDD And I changed my layout cause I sort of think mine is too old and its nothing special cause everyone is using it. I just feel like being different. Heeheee. So, what do you think? Leave some comments about it at my pretty new chatterbox. :P

Random pictures.

And it seemed everlasting.

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