Sunday, July 13, 2008


Went to Bryan TEH's house yesterday for some hangout with Priya and Brenda. Shavin, Saresh, Suraj and Nikesh came too. Had loads of fun there with those bimbos. :D We did loads of talking and walking. Woke up at about 9.40am. I was suppose to wake up at 9am, but I sort of overslept. Sorry, Priya for making you wait. I feel so guilty. =/ After fetching me, we went to Brenda's house to pick her. Reached Desapark City Waterfront at about 11am. I had 2 big apple donuts. Mango tango and Iceberg. Very delicious! Chilled at coffee bean. Priya and Brenda got an ice-blended white chocolate dream each. Chit chatted, camwhore and also videowhore. LOL.

Then, we went to the playground behind there and do some bimbo stuff. Climbed here and there, ran here and there and loooooads more. Then, again camwhored. At about 12.30pm, Bryan came and we waited together for Shavin, Suraj and Nikesh. Met them, and we chilled awhile there and walked to Bryan's house. The houses there are freaking BIG and BEAUTIFUL. Damn jealous. So then, while the boys were playing PS2 and PSP, me, Brenda and Priya chilled under the air-cond, listen to music and chit chatted.

After that, we sort of explore the house and do looooads of crappy stuff with Bryan's stuff. At about 2pm, Saresh came. Walked around Levenue and hangout at a shaded place nearby. Did some talking and crapping again. We suddenly came up with a topic of ice-cream and wanted to eat them, so we decided to walk back to the Waterfront and get them, but at the end none of us get any. Instead, we had our lunch. I bought 2 more donuts again. Had Chocoholic and Mango Tango the next round. Heeeheee.

Then, we went back to Bryan's house and did some crapping and talking AGAIN. Lol. After that, walked to the playground in the evening and again did some kiddy stuff, but whatever la. That's not important. At least we had fun, right? :D Went home at about 6.30pm. Overall, it was okay and I really enjoyed hanging out with all of them especially Brenda and Priya. :DDD

After that, I had my dinner at Nasi Kandar Kayu and guess what I saw? I saw 2 freaking hot, red Ferrari passed by. It was so SUPERB! ahhhh. I wish I have those. :( Anyone kind want to spare me some money to buy it for me? :)

Here are those pictures.
(Fyi, the pictures aren't arrange according in their order. I'm so lazy to rearrange them. Sorry. =/)She's happy that she got punched.Finger lickin'Chocolate everywhere. :OLOL.Candid.
ILikeLikingYou.And I went again.

MINE.Guess what's the result?

Pretty, pretty.

Syrup bandung with FRONG EGGS. :P
Malaysian version of Mr. Bean. :)
While walking. weeee. It was so windy.It scare me.

In the cupboard. :)

They shot me. :(

Damn, I'm so short. :(
My new kawan, BRYAN TEH! :)

He was on the phone.
Its so HOT!
Peanut. :P
Oh look, its Brenda TEH. Ain't she cute? :)


Being poyo? :P
The antic.

Screw them for taking this picture. =XAjibujiboooo!
She broke her promise, she EMO.
Monkey. :)
Pretty eh?

Wishing that you'll be by my side.

Showing off? :D

I get a B in originality.

People! :)
Try spotting us.
Take that!
Windy.Jalan jalan, cari makan.

Hyperness.First one.

It says, please come again.

Thanks, B.Sweaty.
Mr Bean vs David Beckham. :PRandom.
Friendship I appreciate.

I'm so sorry I ruined your life.

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