Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last week, I celebrated my sister's birthday with my family. Had pretty loads of fun. Went for dinner on Saturday and shopping to get presents for her on Sunday. weee. Nothing much to say about it, so lets just let the pictures do the talking. :)She was happy.

Jooooane. :)

I have dua adiks.
Anyone can buy me some? :P
porn. PRAWN! :D

Sister's sexyback.
So random.
My Very Own Made Ice-cream. :)Eyeless.A for APPLE.Ice-cream toppings.I suka makan bread ini. Sangat delicious. :DThe birthday girl.SAGU!This is so yummmy! CHEESE CAKE, people.
Ehhh, this look like somone I know. :P
:DRissara said, hello. :PBirthday cake.
Yes yes, it isn't Secret Recipe. I got this from Kings. At least it still taste DELICIOUS. :)
Chocolates. Fabuloso? :P
Mum's handphone wallpaper. LOL.
I've been wanting this bag and now my sister got it. Damn unfair, right?Fruit milk.
weee. :)
Got myself a shirt from TL. :)
Modeling much?
She said I love you and he replied I don't love you. =/

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