Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hello kawan-kawan. :)

Nothing much happened in school today. School was just fine. Had this talk about HIV-AIDS today. I gotta admit, it was sort of boring cause I couldn't really see anything in front. The people in front of me are so TALL and BIG. And I was sitting way far behind and you know, I'm short. =X Anyways, I seriously pity those people who had this disease especially those babies or children. They are so innocent, yet they have HIV. Sighh. Somehow, that talk sort of give make me think a lot like, we should be lucky for what we have and also live our life to the fullest and it also gave me inspiration and hope to find a cure for it since it cannot be cured YET. I really want to help those people out there especially those innocent one. If possible, I would like to find cures for diseases that cannot be cured YET when I grow up. I know I know, I'm dreaming, but I really do have a BIG dream and I will seriously work really hard to reach it.

And and, there's this cat on top of my roof since yesterday. It somehow got up there and now, it cannot come down. I really pity it, and I tried so hard to help it, but it doesn't want to come to me. Sob sob. Anyone here have any idea how to get it down?

By the way, no Prefect Camp for me. :( Mummy said it was too last minute and too far and bla bla bla. And she said I'll be having test in few weeks, so I can't go. Gahhh. Screw the test papers. :( Those people who are going, have fun there, kayhh? I know I'll be missing the fun. :(

Missing those time we had together. :(

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