Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Guess what?
I'm going for Chris Daughtry's concert! weeee. Free tickets by Priya. Thank you so muchie! Well, I may not be a die hard fan of him, but at least I get to go for some concert and be special. heeheee. :P Freaking excited. It's gonna be this Saturday and there will be school for me on Saturday. Mummy said cannot skip, so gotta rush a little bit. I'm so sorry, Priya.

I've got my projects this week. Geography and Science. Sighhh. Geography had to be passed up after holidays, which means I'll still have enough time to finish it. But, for Science, I'll have to hand it in by 11 August and now its already 23 July? 2 more weeks and I'll have to pass up the project while preparing for test? Gahhh. I feel a little stress with it. Any solutions?

By the way, I would like the wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very OWN MRS BEAN, ELLISHA! heeehee. :) She have been a really really great friend to me. My lesbo partner who always CURANG! (Actually, I curang too. =X) Although now we are studying in different school, someway and somehow she's not apart from me. And I'm so sorry I couldn't celebrate it with you this year, but I really hope you'll have a great time. :D ILOVEHERSOMUCH and THANKYOUSOMUCHFOREVERYTHING!

In your eyes, I can see our future together.

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