Wednesday, May 28, 2008

americal idol.

just got back from tuition. actually, i didnt want to go. last minute, i ended up making my decision to go, since BRENDA and PRIYA are going. weee. didnt regret going. had a little fun there talking and crapping. i miss them so much! and also my other friends. :( i was really hyper than usual. dont know why, but im happy with it. anyways, talking about friends, im going swimming at kelsey's club tomorrow with of course, kelsey, sandy, ellisha, meryl and sandra, im so excited about it. its been a looong time since i last seen them.

ohh yeaaa. have u heard about the american idol winner? DAVID COOK? in case you dont know him, HE IS THE AMERICAN IDOL OF SEASON 7! weeeeeeee. im so happy that he won. and and, i guess im the last person blogging about him. sorry. btw, ellisha took my title, mrs. cook. its suppose to be ME, not her! she stole him away from meeeee. and, she better be careful, because im going to steal him back! :P

yes, david cook. he's the winner. bare that in your mind! :)<3

ill blog about the malacca and my hometown trip soon. =X
I was born to say I love you.

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