Wednesday, May 28, 2008

teacher's day.

weeeeeeee. im finally back from my hometown with an ugly haircut. sorry for not blogging for these few days, as u know, kampungs do not have internet access which is some how kind of good too. i dont know why im saying like this but i mean it. :) theres still so much stuff i want to blog about. teacher's day, malacca trip, hometown trip and bla bla bla. ill start with the event that comes first.

as you all know, maluri celebrated teacher's day on friday. i didn't take part in any of the performance, so i have to duty on that day. i've been standing for the whole day without sitting which means for the whole 6 hours. yes, it was very tiring. had muscle cramp and stuff like that. but its worth doing it. i could watch the performance without anyone blocking. you know, if i'm sitting i bet i couldnt see a single thing because im too short. so, yeah. kind of good la. :P

i reached school at about 6.30am and there's where i met yew joe at the entrance of the school. was super early and none of my friends were there. then, michelle came, so i walked along with her and yew joe. was fooling around. weeeee. after that, they need to go for their briefing, leaving me behind. sob. then, i had my briefing. some of them were late and some of them didnt turned up which made me kind of pissed and i have to redo the whole duty list again. == so, to those who didnt go to school without telling me, u better watch out when school is reopen. :)

so, there i go with my duty. walking here and there. making sure all the prefects are at their own places. watch the performance and bla bla bla. after recess, chit chatted with wendy. its been sooooo long since we last talk. as in a real talk. not only saying hi, bye or whatever. and then, crapped with yew joe and kishen. weee. nothing else better to do.

oh yeaaa. sandy's dance was okay. nice ass shaking girl! :D but its kina short. and like sandy said, the break dance was good.

at about 12am, all the prefects build this so called wall of china but not as long and as tall as the real one. LOL. it was kind of good. nobody try to ponteng at my place, so yayyy. went home at about 1pm. :)

I was born to say I love you.

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