Friday, May 30, 2008


went to Johor for 5 days. it was kind of boring but at the same time it was fun. :) had a haircut there. ate loooads of food which made me gain loads of weight. (i better start exercising.) watch 5 dvds in a time. :P finished up my kumon worksheets and read 2 books. so, that's how i spend my time there. it may seems boring and everything, but its super peaceful and fun at the same time. i really love the feeling of being in my hometown. it just reminds me of my childhood. i miss everything there, right now. =/

here goes the pictures i took. :)
grandfather's lazy chair. aww. he was playing hide-and-seek.
weee. he's happy.
adorable.he cried. =/
childhood sweeeeeeeeets. :)
haircut.grandma did dumplings .mini ones. :D

wannabe rockstar?
weee. :)



that's all for now. gotta sleep because i promised someone that i would. bye :)
I'll be your heroine and you'll be my HERO.

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